Introductory Drawing to the Pocket Handguide to the 'Marvelous' at Corps Xquis Virtual Gallery

Putting pen to paper for the first time in a 3 x 5” sketchbook, Muir can be said to have begun it circa 1983. Initially beginning as just random doodling, the technique became more sophisticated - drawing randomly with a clear mind in a highly meditative state and eliminating the urge to interpret or edit. The 'Marvelous' can be defined as a state of mind somewhere between the dreaming and waking states whereby the two are interposed, overlapped and fused together. The result reveals the exposed subconscious - unrepressed and uninhibited. Unbound or restricted by rules or guidelines, it is unbridled creativity in its purest form.

Pocket Handguide
to the 'Marvelous'


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